The mission and strategy

Mission ​

Our mission is to create a stable and profitable company providing solutions, products and IT services based on proven technologies that can be quickly adapted to the changing market conditions and the requirements of our clients. 


APN Promise Group provides products, solutions and IT services to entities operating on the Polish market. It has effective models of cooperation with producers and clients from various market segments, thanks to which it can quickly deliver products adapted to the changing market requirements. The Group’s offer is based on proven technologies that, combined with its own services, allow creating new solutions that change the approach to IT use in organizations. 

The Group’s structure is matched to the markets served. Operational efficiency provides companies with the freedom of business operations that allow them to create solutions that guarantee achievement of their own goals and partners. Basing the relationship on the principles of long-term cooperation and open exchange of information allows to precisely define the needs of the Group’s clients. 

The Group owes its effectiveness to high technical and business competences. As part of a running expert program, a selected group of technology and license specialists is tasked with maintaining a level of competence that goes beyond current industry standards. 

The APN Promise Group strategy assumes: 

  • maintaining partner cooperation with producers and clients 
  • ensuring high quality and availability of offered products and services 
  • development of solutions based on own competences and technologies of well-known manufacturers 
  • expanding the Group through acquisitions of IT companies in Central Europe 
  • cost control and conservative financial management