APN Promise Group

IT solutions for large and medium-sized enterprises, public administration and healthcare.


Books published by Microsoft Press, O’Reilly, Wiley & Sons, and McGraw-Hill and others, as well as the language of English and Polish language versions.

Distribution of Microsoft SPLA / CSP / Symantec licenses.


Since 2003, Alterkom provides advanced support in the field of IT solutions and advises in the area of ​​software, server management and terminal services. It offers dedicated technical support agreements for Citrix, Microsoft and NetApp solutions. Specializes in preparing the concept, developing the project and performing highly reliable systems, such as cluster systems. We encourage you to familiarize with the offer.


Since 1997, Sevenet has been a provider of advanced IT solutions for enterprises and institutions in Poland. The company supports its clients by offering them their advice, including in the field of technology management within five business lines: access to the network, business communication systems, Contact Center and Data Center systems, and data security. We encourage you to familiarize with the offer.


CloudTeam (formerly ACTION Centrum Edukacyjne) is one of the leading IT training companies in Poland specializing in Cloud Computing, both in the field of consulting and training services. Operating throughout Poland, it provides authorized Amazon Web Services training (AWS) for CIOs, architects, system operators and programmers. The scope of services also includes technologies such as Microsoft Azure, Office365, Google Cloud Platform, and G Suite, as well as other solutions offered by Microsoft, Citrix and Comptia.